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Registered with the Greek Consulate in London

English to Greek

Greek to English

I provide legal translations in the following areas:


  • University Degrees/Πτυχία

  • School Leaving Certificates/Diplomas/Απολυτήρια Λυκείου

  • Academic Transcripts/Ακαδημαϊκές Καταστάσεις

  • University Letters/ Βεβαιώσεις Σπουδών


  • Visas

  • Passports/Διαβατήρια

  • Biometric Residence Permits/Άδειες Διαμονής

  • Police Certificates/Πιστοποιητικά της Αστυνομίας

  • National Ids/Ταυτότητες


  • Birth Certificates/Πιστοποιητικά Γέννησης

  • Baptism Certificates/ Πιστοποιητικά Βάπτισης

  • Death Certificates/Πιστοποιητικά Θανάτου

  • Wedding Certificates/ Πιστοποιητικά Γάμου

  • Divorce Certificates (Decree absolutes)/Δικαστικές Aποφάσεις Διαζυγίου

  • Adoption Certificates/Πιστοποιητικά Υιοθεσίας

  • Family Record Certificates/Πιστοποιητικά Οικογενειακής Κατάστασης


  • Employment Contracts/ Συμβόλαια Εργασίας

  • Confidentiality Agreements/Συµφωνίες Εµπιστευτικότητας

  • Criminal Record Disclosures (DBS)/Ποινικά Μητρώα

  • Tax Statements/ Φορολογικές Δηλώσεις

  • Payslips/Δελτία Μισθοδοσίας

  • Employers’ Letters/Βεβαιώσεις Εργοδοτών

Estate Planning

  • Wills/Διαθήκες

  • Health Care Directives/Οδηγίες Υγειονομικής Περίθαλψης

  • Trusts/Καταπιστεύματα

  • Power of Attorneys/Πληρεξούσια

  • Statutory Declarations/Υπεύθυνες Δηλώσεις

Tax Residency Status Paperwork

  • HMRC Letters

  • HMRC Certificates

  • P60s/P45s

Please note that the above list is not exclusive. If you need to translate a document that is not listed above, please contact me at

  • What do I need to do before I send my documents for translation?
    If your document is in English, issued in the UK, before you send it for translation, you need to get an Apostille stamp affixed from the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. On how to obtain the apostille, please visit If your document is in Greek, you need to send for translation either the original or a certified photocopy (not certified photocopies are not accepted).
  • How much does a translation cost?
    The cost of the translation is 60 - 100 GBP per document (one page) depending on the volume and the level of difficulty of the text. If you want to obtain a copy of your translation, the cost will be 20 GBP.
  • How can I pay?
    I accept payments by bank transfer. All the necessary details will be on the invoice.
  • How long does it take to complete the translation?
    Depends on the length and complexity of the content. Normally, it takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Do I need to send you the original documents by post?
    No, you don't need to send me the original documents by post. You can send electronic versions of your documents (either take a picture of the documents using your smartphone or scan them) and email them at
  • How can I collect the translations?
    I will post them to your mailing address or you can collect the translations from my office by appointment only.
  • What do I need to do after I receive the translations?
    For translations from English into Greek: Once you receive the Greek certified translation, you then need to take it (or send it) along with the original document to the Greek Consulate for the legalisation of the translator's signature on the translation. For more information regarding cost for the legalisation please visit: For information regarding Greek Consulate’s opening hours, address, tel, etc please visit: For translations from Greek into English: Once you receive the English translation, you don't need to take it to the Greek Consulate for legalisation. My signed and sealed English translation can be submitted as it is.
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