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 I am Panayiota, a Greek translator living in London. There is nothing I love to do more than bridging linguistic barriers and facilitating communication between people who speak different languages. I translate professionally since 2009. High quality is the ultimate goal in my work. I am here to help with your translation needs by offering top quality translation services.

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My Story

Hi, I am Panayiota Vatikioti. I am a Greek translator based in London UK. I grew up in Greece where I finished high school which means that I am a native speaker of the Greek language. Since a very young age, I developed a strong interest in learning languages. At the age of 8, I started learning English. A few years later I studied French and Italian. After graduating high school, I moved to the UK to study for a BA in English Literature and Linguistics and for an MA in English at the University of Kent at Canterbury. After completing my studies at Canterbury, I moved to Greece for 1 year where I attended seminars and workshops on translation into Greek language. During my time in Greece, I conducted extensive research on the local market’s requirements concerning translation practice. A year later, I moved to London UK where I studied for an MA in Comparative Literature with specialisation in Translation at the University College London. Then I enrolled in an MPhil/PhD programme in Translation with an emphasis on Translation Technology at Imperial College London.

In 2009 I registered with the Greek Consulate in London.

My focus is on legal translation and transcreation.

I am passionate about languages, reading, writing, music, and art. 

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